Open Forum

In an effort to communicate with our business partners, we have decided to allow our partners to assist in building a service like none other.

Please take the time to access our blog to let us know what you want in YOUR ambulance service.

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High Quality Medical Transportation

Community EMS is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality medical transportation available.  We know that you have opinions regarding what you would like to see in a medical transportation provider and we want you to have input on the way we design our system and the services we provide.

It Really is YOUR Ambulance

For too many years, ambulance providers have designed a system that works well for them, but might not work as well for their customers.  Realizing this, Community EMS wants to allow you to “create” your own custom designed service.  We value your opinions and want to hear from you.

It really is YOUR ambulance, so we have created ITSYOURAMBULANCE.COM as a means to express your ideas and concerns.  This forum will be used by all facilities in our service area to tell us what they like, what they would change and most importantly, what they would like to see in the future, from their ambulance providers.

Open Forum - Your Opinion Will Build The Very Best Service

We, at Community EMS, pledge to you that this is not a marketing gimmick.  It is our sincere attempt to involve you in the creation of a new medical transportation system that will serve you at a level beyond your expectations.

It is our hope that this open forum will be useful in that many of you have probably experienced some of the same frustrations over the years without any resolution to the problems.  We want to interact with you and learn from you.  You are the reason we will be successful in our endeavors.  Please help us to create the service you always wish you could have, but never thought was possible.